Butterley Garden Railway Association

2017 Spring Twilight Running Session.

Carol Kirkwood had cast an awful spell on the weather and promised us fine weather on Tuesday and Thursday but something memorably bad on Wednesday. It turned really cold, blew a gale, threatened snow and got very wet. Six brave souls turned out but by the time we'd scoffed our chips we were rewarded with a complete change. The sky cleared, the wind dropped and though it was very cold it turned into the perfect evening.

Bundaberg Fowler in siding

Eric started the run with his special WD grey Bundaberg Fowler and illuminated train.

Bundaberg Fowler starting

It soon steamed up...

Bundaberg Fowler heading off

...and disappeared into the night.

Eric, Elliot and Adam

Eric ran round while Elliot tried to get the coal fired loco to light.

Elliot and Adam

Helped by Adam, they had to abandon coal firing because the charcoal just wouldn't light properly...

Wrekin setting off Adam got his Wrekin running...

Wrekin in full steam

...making lots of steam.

General steamy view

It all got very atmospheric and steamy but...

General steamy view

...very, very cold so we called it a night.

Photos by John.

Next night run in October. See EVENTS.