Butterley Garden Railway Association

A Mild Sunday in February 2017

The winter of 2017 has been grim so far. No snow but buckets of rain and bitterly cold. Then unexpectedly a mild Sunday. There were a few hardy souls on the big railway but very thin on the ground for a half-term weekend. We had the best turnout of the year so far.

Lady Elliver and train

John arrived early and Lady Elliver was the first to run.

Small diesel

New member Eddie ran his little diesel.

Green diesel

Lucy had a turn on the top track....

Figure in coach

...with a suspicious looking character in the coach.

Old Lady Anne

Keith's rebuilt Lady Anne had a run.

Brian's loco

Brian ran his passenger stock.

Modded Mamod

George England Merdden pulled a Ffestiniog style train/

Keith gassing

Keith prepares to blow up his Mamod while Lady Anne rests in the siding.

Roundhouse Bundaberg

Eric runs his rather nice Bundaberg Fowler.

Manning Wardle 2-6-2

Selwyn ran his gorgeous Manning Wardle 2-6-2 with a passenger train...

Roundhouse Russell

...while Michael ran his impressive looking Russell pulling a goods train.

Roundhouse Russell


They even played nicely together when Selwyn had to reverse into the passing loop.

Derek's Bertie

Meanwhile, Derek cranked up his Bertie pulling a rake of Mamod coaches and brake van. Derek's passengers always look a bit worried but the guard just keeps taking his medication.

Derek's Bertie

As Derek's train aproaches warp speed...

Derek's Bertie

...Eric wisely decided to move to the top track...

Derek's Bertie and Eric's Little John

...but after a spectacular crash, Derek finally got his speed to sub-sonic levels...

Welsh Pony And Double Fairlie

...while John stayed in the siding and posed his locos nervously.

Photos by John